Tips On Pursuing Kindergarten Teacherhood

If you are good with kids and love spending time with them, then becoming a kindergarten teacher could be your dream job. Being a preschool or kindergarten teacher is rated as one of the jobs with highest job-satisfaction levels. Children are a wonder and also fun to be around. Becoming an early age teacher takes more effort than most think, and especially if you plan on becoming a good teacher. Here is some of the basic information regarding the path to growing into a preschool teacher.

What it is like being a kindergarten teacher

Preschool teachers start early on the day as you have to design lesson plans and also keep track of activities to be completed for the day. After you get to the nursery in Abu Dhabi premises you work at, you can start greeting students and parents as the kids are being dropped off. Usually you will be in charge of a classroom once you get through the probationary period or you will assisting a teacher until you get approved of handling a classroom so your daily duties will include managing activities to teach the kids and also keep them engaged, distributing snacks and lunch for the kids, assign homework and mark the ones that are done, manage kids’ work in groups and individually and so on. Although it has high levels of job satisfaction, being a teacher comes with its own stress levels so beware of those.Getting the proper education for the job

There are courses specially designed for learning about early education and also it is recommended to take some early childhood psychology courses even if it is not included in your curricula. Usually you can apply for license after you are done with your bachelor’s degree so after that it is a good idea to do a diploma on early childhood psychology as it will increase your credentials immensely (especially if you are looking for a promotion). Usually additional training courses for teaching, dancing, music, art, languages, physical education and such can be taken as well. There are master’s courses cater made for preschool teachers that you can take as well. Usually your top nurseries in Dubai recommend their best for taking training programs and furthering their education.

It is highly recommended to volunteer or do part time work at preschool educational institutes while you are working on your primary degree as it will count when you are trying to find a job. Getting hands on experience will also allow you to understand what you are learning with clarity and getting experience is always a bonus.