Tips On Making Your Home Feel Brand New

Living in a family home, or simply a home you’ve called your own for a very long time has many advantages. You’re well known, and your neighbors are almost like family. Finding a babysitter or someone to take care of your home temporarily (a house sitter) is not an issue at all. This is beyond the fact that your house is filled with memories; perhaps even from your own childhood.

But living each day surrounded by the same things can get a little boring, and even frustrating. If moving houses is not an option, then perhaps giving your home an upgrade or making some little changes in it might help in making it feel brand-new. Here are a few of our tips on how to do so successfully.

• Decide if you want to go big, or make subtle changes. You only have to do the changes you are comfortable with. If you want to make major changes, then we suggest you renew your interior entirely—modernizing it if necessary. You can opt for a luxury interior design or a simple one; this depends on you and your home.

• A simple coat of paint goes a long way. If you want to make just a few subtle changes, then instead on getting a residential interior design complete change over, opt for getting new colors for the walls. If your walls have been recently repainted, or if you don’t want to change their color, even giving your furniture a fresh coat of paint can bring life to them.

• Declutter the pile up. Often, we are so used to our clutter, we don’t even notice it. Take your time to declutter. Trust us, this makes a huge difference. While you’re at it, make sure to tuck away the cluttering wires, and assign a particular spot for each of your possessions. This makes cleaning up much easier.

• Move things around. Be it the furniture, the painting or the decorations; move them around and give them a new spot. While this will definitely make your home feel different, if you want to take this a step further, you can even try swapping rooms. If all your rooms are on the same size, then you won’t have an issue with your furniture either.

• Make changes in your floors. This is admittedly what most people forget to change when giving their home a makeover. If you have wooden or terrazzo floors, then a good polishing can make your floors shine; automatically giving your entire home a polished look. If you have carpeted your floors, or have area rugs, consider getting them professionally cleaned or even replaced.

• Update your lights, and your outlets. Most lightbulbs dim over time, giving your home a shadowed feel. Replace your light bulbs. Though your electric outlets and sockets don’t appear to need a change, having them replaced will add to that “new” feeling. It’s an additional benefit that you can replace them with newer and multi-functional (think USB!) sockets now.