The State Of Wardrobe Blues

You can spend hours staring at your closet that is bursting at its seams, but still can’t pick one piece of clothing that you think would be perfect for the occasion. There seems to be such an array of choices and yet you can’t make up your mind. Something seems too bold while another looks too low key for the occasion. The animal print is a definite no no, while the floral one is a bit too cheerful. So what then is the perfect dress? Or to be precise what is the perfect look?
It’s not just the clothes
You may have spent a great deal of time, energy and money cultivating a wardrobe full of the most stylish and trending clothes. But there comes a time when it hits you that clothes are not the only thing that is required to perfect a look. Style statements are made not only with clothes but what you pair them with. The way you utilize fashion accessories to complement you clothes is what helps complete the look and allows you to carry it off with panache. Because an attire with not so perfect accessories will always be lacking and will feel like it always needs a bit more something to jazz it up. So next time your left standing for hours in front of your closet think about boosting it up with some jewelry or shoes.

Experiment a little
If you’re someone who always opts for a skirt or pants, try wearing a dress instead. Or if you are a black oriented person try adding something colorful to complement the look. If you’re more of a bracelet person be a little carefree and splurge on high-end watches. You might find the change refreshing and realize that you could do little thing to give your same old clothes a whole new, amazing look. A little color will always help cheer you up when you get tired of having to choose from the same style of clothes that you have accumulated over the years. Funky or bold pieces of jewelry or daring shoes help lift your wardrobe and may just want you to rediscover the youth in you.
Complement the clothes and accessories with a trending hairstyle and there you have it. The perfect look. Make sure your jewelry always match your hair, otherwise it could blow up on your face. For example for hair that is pulled all the back all the way studs would be the ideal choice. Shoes, jewelry and hairstyle will help enhance the beauty of your clothes and just might get you to fall in love with your wardrobe once again.