Planning A Graduation Night


Graduation can be named as an event that is celebrated for the success and victory achieved by the students. After a three year degree with so much of effort and sleepless night the students deserve a victory event to celebrate their accomplishment. Usually this event is organized by the university inviting all the students who graduated to spend their last day together with their colleagues and lecturers. On this event small tokens and gifts are given for the students at the end of the day from the university to express their happiness and gratefulness to the students who are taking the name of the university. This is a night time event and also known as the grad night. The students can join this event after taking the group photo for a dinner and dance.

It is a night filled with joy and love as all of them can be together for the one last time as a batch. These events are organized with dance and music for the students to enjoy the night off. In famous universities, the grad night is organized in a luxurious way sending invites to the parents as well. They are usually organized outdoor so the students can enjoy the night freely. The food is provided by outdoor catering services along with huts, food stalls and action stations to fulfil the taste buds. The event is also made more colourful by a speech at the beginning by the president of the student’s council of the university thanking the lecturers and the administration on behalf of the whole batch.

The food catering services also supply people to welcome and serve the guests. They are also served a welcome drink or a wine as to their choice. The food and drinks are unlimited and free for the students and they are all treated well for their achievements and truly it is an event organized them to feel that hard work pays off. On this day, special gifts are given to the students who ranked themselves as the batch top and for the students who got the highest for the subjects they studied. It is a done to motivate them and the other students who are hoping to have such goals in the near future.

It is definitely a night to remember and a day that comes only once in your lifetime if you work properly and hard with your higher studies. Therefore it is mandatory for a graduate to go and experience the night he/she achieved as they deserve the best.