How To Become A Wedding Planner


If planning parties and other events such as weddings or even corporate events are something that you enjoy doing, then the prospect of becoming an event planner and doing it professionally might be a good career path to venture in to. Being a wedding planner is something that has a very high demand for and is always equally rewarding. The following few factors to consider becoming a professional wedding planner.

Acquaintance with the wedding industry

As with embarking on a career in any industry, trying to get some knowledge and insights in to the wedding industry is crucial. This will help you understand what the market is like, what competition is like and so on and so forth. Depending on where you will be operating and giving out your services, even your suppliers will need to be identified on basic level, for example a few florists in close proximity can provide for a flower arrangement at a wedding without a hassle.

Learn about the services rendered

Although, the market of wedding planners may be huge in any given place, it is always great to acquaint yourself with the industry as this will give you a brief idea of the job that you will be required to do. Sometimes, this job offers a lot of flexibility over allocation of your time, but there will also be extremely stressful and non-conventional working hours involved as well. Apart from meeting clients and suppliers, when the wedding day is closer, there will be times that your presence is needed at various places. For example, to check the decorations at the wedding venue, to set the wedding stage decoration and make sure food and other aspects of the entire event are in perfect motion.

Demands of the industry

In this industry, it is important to understand that not only physical aspects but emotional strains also need to be addressed when dealing with various situations. This requires a vast range of emotional intelligence and knowledge. You will have to tackle and manage a business whilst simultaneously negotiating with suppliers, navigating your way through one crisis to another and most importantly working with an array of interpersonal dynamics. It is a very competitive and demanding environment but to be able to take part in one of the most important days of a couple’s life is extremely satisfying and rewarding. With patience and planning, this industry has much potential and rewards; however, profitability and building the reputation as wedding planner will not be instant and will require a few years of hard work and effort as with any career path.