Holidaying Up A Storm In Dubai

Few people would think of Dubai as a holiday destination without prompting. After all, the tropical islands have pretty much cornered the market and marketing of “paradise.” However, Dubai in the Arab Emirates is becoming increasingly popular among holiday makers for its safety, price range and multicultural ambience. Here is a closer look at why and how Dubai has earned its reputation as the top vacation spot and tourist hotspot in the Middle East.
Living the High Life
Most Middle Countries are rich, thanks to their naturally occurring oil reserves and their accommodation reflects this. If money is not an objection, try to stay at one of the world famous hotels or stay at Jumeirah beach residence apartments for rent. The advantages of staying outside of the hospitality business is that you make your own rules and you will have more privacy than at a hotel where you have to share your dining space with hundreds of other guests. If you are travelling as a family, it might be easier to manage the little ones of they are in a house as it will cause minimal disruption to their routine. No matter where you go or stay however, in Dubai you will be in the lap of luxury.
It’s Not about the Money, Money, Money
If you are staying in a short term rental Dubai Marina, it might be wise to hire a car and driver for the duration of your stay or have a friendly taxi driver on speed dial. Different regions have different rates and unless there is a meter or you have negotiated a price before you get in, taxi drivers may charge you as they please. There are also two sides to the price of living in Dubai: there is the luxurious, opulent side and there is the non-branded, everyday price range side. For instance, the famous Dubai Mall is packed with international designer brands which will cost you an arm and a leg; the Ibn Battuta Mall, on the other hand, has non-branded but versatile and high quality goods.
Safe and Sound on the Street
Unlike many other countries, the Arab Emirates have strict traffic rules and Dubai is an excellent example of this. While taxi drivers still drive like maniacs (don’t they all?), the streets are some of the safest in the region. There are very few pickpockets, the roads are well built with pavements for pedestrians and guard rails to stop children from running into the road, and there are law enforcement officials everywhere to help with an emergency. Naturally, you must respect the local culture and customs and so avoid wearing clothes that are too revealing, but with the number of foreign visitors, tourists and expatriates walking the streets every day, “morality” is the last thing on the minds of the local police.