A Traveler’s Guide

This is a book containing information about a place; it is designed for tourists or visitors. It normally will include the full details relating to restaurants, accommodation, activities and transportation. It will also often include maps with different details and cultural and historical information will be included.

Have an open mind

Do not dismiss an idea before you have tried it. You have to be open to enjoying a place to truly enjoy it. You can go on a Jumeirah mosque tour; this is a beautiful place that welcomes non-Muslim guests six days a week. The women will be asked to wear a scarf when they come to visit. It is a beautiful landmark that is very big and can contain thousand two hundred worshipers. It was built completely out of white stone with towering identical minarets framing a big central dome. When it is dusk it gets lit up and the beauty and true artistry are highlighted.

Go on an Al Ain tour. Spend a day here and visit the Al Ain museum, explore the camel market and spend time at the Al Ain conservation zoo. At the zoo you can see hippos, white tigers, giraffes and other animals. This will normally include all admission fees and buffet lunch but will not include refreshments and personal expenses.

You can find many places to stay from luxurious hotels if you can afford them or you can get a cheap budget place if that’s what you’re looking for.

You can visit downtown Dubai, this is right in the middle of New Dubai. It includes the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa, the mall which is the world’s biggest mall and other hotels and skyscrapers.

Visit the Marina which is a mega development, it is full of skyscrapers and is the host for Jumeirah Beach Walk which contains hotels, restaurants, an open air market if the weather holds up and will often host shows.

The climate is a dry sub-tropical climate with very humid, hot, summer weather averaging around forty two degrees during the day and around twenty eight degrees during the night. The fall and spring is also pretty hot with less humidity. The temperatures fall compared to the summertime. Winter is pleasant and dry with day time highs of twenty five degrees and it will go as low as ten degrees at night. The beaches are beautiful here and the water will get as hot as thirty seven degrees. This however is lower during spring and summer. The weather is usually pleasant.