November 2016

A Traveler’s Guide

This is a book containing information about a place; it is designed for tourists or visitors. It normally will include the full details relating to restaurants, accommodation, activities and transportation. It will also often include maps with different details and cultural and historical information will be included.

Have an open mind

Do not dismiss an idea before you have tried it. You have to be open to enjoying a place to truly enjoy it. You can go on a Jumeirah mosque tour; this is a beautiful place that welcomes non-Muslim guests six days a week. The women will be asked to wear a scarf when they come to visit. It is a beautiful landmark that is very big and can contain thousand two hundred worshipers. It was built completely out of white stone with towering identical minarets framing a big central dome. When it is dusk it gets lit up and the beauty and true artistry are highlighted.

Go on an Al Ain tour. Spend a day here and visit the Al Ain museum, explore the camel market and spend time at the Al Ain conservation zoo. At the zoo you can see hippos, white tigers, giraffes and other animals. This will normally include all admission fees and buffet lunch but will not include refreshments and personal expenses.

You can find many places to stay from luxurious hotels if you can afford them or you can get a cheap budget place if that’s what you’re looking for.

You can visit downtown Dubai, this is right in the middle of New Dubai. It includes the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa, the mall which is the world’s biggest mall and other hotels and skyscrapers.

Visit the Marina which is a mega development, it is full of skyscrapers and is the host for Jumeirah Beach Walk which contains hotels, restaurants, an open air market if the weather holds up and will often host shows.

The climate is a dry sub-tropical climate with very humid, hot, summer weather averaging around forty two degrees during the day and around twenty eight degrees during the night. The fall and spring is also pretty hot with less humidity. The temperatures fall compared to the summertime. Winter is pleasant and dry with day time highs of twenty five degrees and it will go as low as ten degrees at night. The beaches are beautiful here and the water will get as hot as thirty seven degrees. This however is lower during spring and summer. The weather is usually pleasant.

Benefits Of Hiring A Good Moving Company

Since most relocating or moving experiences to a new location can be tiresome most of us are used to hiring a good professional service to help us get through the whole process by making our work easier.

However, if you are to feel relaxed about the way everything is going on in your relocating plan you need to hire one of the best relocation services company from among the hundreds of such firms in the market place. You simply have to pay attention to the services they offer, their charges and the way they do business when choosing the right firm for you. If you manage to choose that right firm for the job, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits as a result.

Efficient Service

A good relocating service does not perform lazily. They will communicate with you eagerly and get all the details straight. Once the date for the relocating comes they will take care of packing under your orders without taking more time than necessary for that service. They will also make sure to deliver the items to your new home at the time promised. In this way, at every stage of the task the right firm will perform admirably without wasting time and delaying the process. Also, they will complete the task without any shortcomings.

Storing Facilities

Sometimes, you are unable to take every item that you want to take to your new location. At such a moment you will need to have storing facilities to keep those items until you can get them. A good relocating firm will have storing facilities of different kinds such as portable storage solutions, long term, short term and even business storing facilities to offer. You can choose what you want. You will not have to worry about your items as these storing sites will be well protected.

Affordable Prices

A good moving firm does not come with expensive prices that the clients cannot bear. They will perform their tasks well and charge you a right and fair amount for those services. You can get to know about their rates before the task begins.

Reliable Nature

A good moving firm is also a reliable firm. Whether it is your home or office that is moving to a new location you will be transporting valuable personal items with them. A good moving firm will be trustworthy and not breach that trust in any way.

If you want to enjoy all these benefits find a good relocating firm for the job.

The Cost Of Owning Your Very Own Yacht

Aren’t we all awed by those who have the luxury of sailing on their own private yacht? Maybe just for a split second you might want to ride one too. Most of us are aware that the initial purchase cost of a yacht is no simple figure, but what we do not know is that even its maintenance cost can rip quite a big hole in the deepest of pockets. As a rule of thumb maintenance cost every year could add up to 10% of the boats initial cost. Perhaps you’ll be wondering how this becomes such a large number.


The costs of docking your boat can add up to a large sum. This included payments you will have to make to the place that you regularly moor your boat plus other costs you will incur when you take your yacht to competitions like Grand Prix. Mooring fees can go up to six figures.

If you live in a place where the yacht needs to be stored away during the winter months these will add to your costs. For regular customers yacht rental Dubai companies may offer discounted rates for off season storage.


This is the biggest cost every yacht owner will have to bear. Unlike docking costs, these costs cannot be predicted with certainty. The fuel consumption will depend on your usage and your engine’s capacity and other facilities available on your yacht. If you need to use fuel additives this too will be an added cost.

Party yachts will consume additional fuel to support all the appliances installed to make it more party friendly. Also, the fuel consumption of these additional facilities will change from event to event.


Advice on insurance must be taken from those that specialise insuring yachts. The terminology and facilities offered are quite different to regular insurance. If you have taken certain boating classes or a captain’s course some companies offer discounts. If you are knowledgeable about these then you should be able to negotiate quite a good rate.


Maintenance costs are difficult to predict. Sometimes even the most well-looked after of vessels can encounter unexpected problems. All vessels that ride on water need anti-fouling paints applied regularly. Every other item on the ship also needs protection from salty sea spray. These costs must not be underestimated.

Considering all these factors you would have realised that it is no easy task to maintain a yacht. The need for a permanent crew was not even considered here. So, if you have any idea of buying a yacht the wisest thing to do would be do the calculations before you make any payments. This way you can avoid a lot of unnecessary headaches.

Improve The Look Of Your Place

After living in the same place for years you might want to give the whole place an upgrade. More like a makeover so that you could improve the overall look and feel of the place. People these days prefer to lead independent lives. Therefore, they mostly choose to reside in apartments. Even though it’s an apartment, it doesn’t mean that you cannot improve its looks.
There are many things which could be done in order to make sure that the whole house looks amazing. A great place to start off is the entrance of your house. First off you could start by placing a few flower vases on each side of the entrance. Then you could place a rug on the entrance so that it will help you make sure that you keep the dirt away. If you are busy with work and don’t have additional time to look into activities such as cleaning, you could always contact the maintenance companies in Dubai and make sure that they take a look at your place so that it would always be clean.

After you look into the entrance, you could move towards the living room of your house. There may be instances where maybe fascinated by art. During instances like this you could hang paintings around your living room. The paintings could be based on a specific concept or even based on something which would motivate you. For instance if you are fascinated by going to the gym, you could hang motivational gym posters so that you could get the necessary motivation to reach that level. Once the living room is looked into, you could move towards the garden.

If you are living in an apartment, you might not need to worry about a garden. But in all the other cases, this is a top priority which needs to be looked into. It’s important to keep your garden clean. Constantly looking into the plants in the garden and getting rid of the all the unnecessary bushes and weeds might improve its overall look. You could also talk to a pest control company and make sure that they come and clean your garden so that you could keep all the harmful insects away.

Finally you could start working on your bathroom. You could start off by giving your bathroom a complete makeover. For instance you could add marble to the floor so that it would improve the total look of the bathroom. Then you could add a bathtub if it’s necessary since it would also make the bathroom look much more appealing. All in all, it’s not a hard thing to improve the look of your house. All you might have to do is to make sure that the house is clean and tidy and do changes when necessary.